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  • Winter Maintenance checks are a must to keep tenants happy and your property in a good state of repair.

    Winter Maintenance

    Winter Maintenance is the biggest time and money saving exercise and landlord or letting agent can do. Many checks and repairs will be carried out to keep the property in order.  However, during the winter months, there are more critical maintenance issues that you need to be aware of.  Preparation for the harsher and colder winters is key with a few. When this awful weather hits, it becomes very apparent any issues with the property.

    The smarter letting agent or landlord can carry out some small tasks to prepare for this.  The double edge sword is that you keep your property maintained to a higher standard and you avoid higher repair bills by being proactive.

    Here are few small tips:

    Heating maintenance

    winter maintenance checks

    One of the biggest issues in any property, not just rental properties is the heating system.  It is inevitable that when the nice weather disappears you switch on your heating and “nothing”, not even a murmur from the system.  Just switching on the heating once a month during the summer and scheduling a boiler service towards the end of the summer months (a few weeks before you estimate you switch the heating on), can help prevent issues.

    Being proactive is a lot better than being reactive and having to pay for an emergency call out.  It is easier to ask your tenants to switch on the heating for an hour each month (why not call them and follow up asking if there was any issues).

    Frozen pipes

    winter maintenance checks

    This biggest cause of damage during winter can be burst pipes, causing flooding and damage to the property and tenants personal belongings.

    Prevention again is less expensive than a cure.  Warning your tenants, the dangers of leaving the heating off in the cold winter months, can help avoid this.  Ensuring your boiler and heating system is maintained is a better preventative method.

    winter maintenance checksAs an added extra to preventing freezing of the pipes is to insulate them.  These insulation sleeves are inexpensive and simply
    slide on to the pipes.  For the small cost involved, this is a priceless addition to protecting your investment.



    Window and Door Insulation

    During the windy months when the temperatures have dropped, you are sure to be taking calls from tenants complaining of the cold and high heating bills.winter maintenance checks

    Checking the windows and door seals once a year is a good option to your tenants moving out and having void periods.  Check and replace any seals that are missing or perished.  This single check each year will protect your property from any further damage from not just wind finding its way in, it will also protect it from water damage.

    Be a smart letting agent or landlord and put a winter maintenance in plan each year.  You will save yourself thousands of pounds over the years, with just a small expense.