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  • Minimise the loss by having a professional inventory carried out.  This will highten your chances in any deposit dispute.

    Professional Inventory

    The smartest way to reduce deposit disputes is by having a professional inventory in place minimising the loss you suffer if the deposit ends in dispute.

    To improve your chance of the property being returned in a good condition is by having a detaiked inventory in plcae..

    These inventories are even more critical with the deposit protection schemes in place.  This will be crucial form of evidence if the deposit ever goes to a dispute.  So now you have your inventory, make sure you carry out a check-in with the tenants using this.  Asking them to sign every page agreeing to the condition and items will secure this further as evidence.

    Arange inspection dates with your tenant before the tenancy starts.  Having the tenants present to sign the inspection report is also good evidence for any dispute.

    Once the tenancy comes to an end you should agree a time and date for the check-out.  Use the inventory as a guide for the check-out and ask the tenant to sign the check-out report.  If there are any items missing or even damage, try to agree a figure to deduct from the deposit to cover or part cover the cost.  It is a far better solution to amicably agree this figure than go to dispute.  Deposit disputes can take time and become stressful to resolve.

    Tenancy agreement

    To support your inventory, ensure your tenancy agreement states who is responsible for the gardens and cleaning upon check-out.  Conduct a pre-check out inspection with the tenant can help identify any potential issues, giving the tenant the opportunity to rectify these.

    The Inventory

    Although there are plenty of examples and templates for inventories, there is no better way of doing this than enlisting the help of an inventory clerk/company.

    My Deposits have produced a very informative guide called Guide to Deposits, Disputes and Damages.

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