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  • The Immigration Act 2016, states it will become a criminal offence if Right to Rent checks are not carried out properly.

    RIght to Rent

    With the Immigration Act 2016 see a further crackdown on illegal immigrants on 1st February 2016.  This act made it more difficult for immigrants to rent a property, find work and gain support in the UK.  This new sanction puts further pressure on landlords and letting agents to carry out the correct Right to Rent checks.  These checks ensure the applicant for a property has the right to remain and the correct documents supplied.

    Up until recently a landlord or letting agent could potentially face up to a £3000.00 fine per tenant.  From 1st December 2016, a letting agent or landlord could face up to 5 years or a £3000.00 fine.  In some cases, you could face both.

    The CEO of Hamilton Fraser, Eddie Hooker, commented: “Whilst the toughest sanctions will likely be reserved for unscrupulous landlords and agents who deliberately and repeatedly fail to follow the rules, with so many changes for landlords in the last 12 months, we have genuine concern that even the most diligent landlords could trip up and end up facing a fine if they fail to carry out proper checks. As a result, we are investing in improving landlord resources and producing easy to understand, educational material.”

    One advantage of the Immigration Act 2016 is that a landlord can evict illegal migrant tenants easier, sometimes without a court order.

    Useful Podcast

    Hamilton Fraser has put together a helpful podcast for landlords and letting agents.  Click Here.

    Proper enforcement is need of this legislation to make it effective and strong.