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  • Condensation can be a costly problem for landlords and home owners.


    Condensation in our homes is a big problem for some.  As a landlord, it is a living nightmare as you have no real control over combatting or reducing the problem.  At Get a Room Online, we have a solution to help reduce this problem with tenants (it does rely on tenants complying and being proactive).

    It is all about educating them before they take the keys and move in to your property.  Giving your tenants a fact sheet with ideas to help avoid condensation will not only help protect your property but protect their personal belongings as well.

    Condensation can cause damage in your home that can be costly to repair.

    Her are a few astonishing facts statistics to the amount of moisture produced in your home:


    You must be asking yourself ‘How can I educate my tenant’?

    The answer is easy, contact us and we can provide you with PDF copy of our fact sheet.

    Helping your tenants to avoid condensation will not ony help you protect the property but help them to save money.

    Here are just a few of the ideas listed in our fact sheet;

    • When cooking, or boiling a kettle keep the extractor fan going or window open.
    • Cover saucepans and close the kitchen door during and after cooking.
    • When you are home open a window slightly or use the trickle vents fitted to the windows (these are usually a slide bar at the top of a double-glazed unit).
    • Allow air to circulate around your home, do not place your sofa against the radiator (leave a gap for circulation.
    • Do not over fill your wardrobes again allowing the air to circulate.
    • Close the bathroom door whilst using the shower or having a bath.

    These are just a few snippets of our fact sheet to help you reduce the condensation in your rental property or even your own home.  For a copy of this please email us on info@getaroomonline.co.uk alternatively use the contact form below.

    We look forward to hearing from you.