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    Are you and landlord in need of  free advice or some free advice on becoming a landlord? Call us now on 01323 384020. We all know business is about making money but we realise a little help goes a long way.  Down to this little saying we have decided to offer free advice to landlords.  There are many landlords that privately manage their own investments and sometimes struggle.   These are issues with tenants, evictions, deposits or many other issues on the matter of being a landlord.[...]

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    Room Rentals More Popular

    Room Rentals are becoming increasingly popular due to the high prices of property rentals. Over the past 2 years the rental figures across the country have increased dramatically.  There are a number of reasons that are out of the scope of this blog.  This has helped boost the room rental market.  Many people and families are choosing to down size looking for affordable homes. During my time, working between the single let and multi let companies, I  have seen this transition.  [...]

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    Tenants Abandoning Properties !!

    Tenants abandoning properties are becoming more hassle for UK landlords and costing thousands in repairs from damage. On average 36% of landlords in the UK have had a tenant abandoning a property.  These figures are provided by the largest landlord association. You may as, what is classed as abandonment?  This occurs when a tenant moves out of a property before the tenancy has ended.  Doing so without informing their landlord.  This issue is most likely to happen when a tenant falls in[...]

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    Evicting a Tenant Using Accelerated Possession

    Evicting tenants using accelarated procedures is the quickest route to regaining possession of your property. Evicting Tenants using this method, can potentially happen without the need of a court hearing.  This is the quickest route for evicting a tenant.  The catch with using this method is that you cannot claim for any rent that is owed. You can only use this method if you have issued an Assured Shorthold Tenancy and the correct supporting information when your tenant moved in.  [...]

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    Eastbourne Property Rental Prices

    Eastbourne property rental Prices and the future of the rental market is looking bright for landlords and investors. We are now into the middle of 2016 and the sun is slowly starting to shine down on us.  I thought I would carry out some research on property rental prices in the Eastbourne area.  Get a Room Online are venturing towards being the number 1 HMO rental agent in East Sussex.  We pride ourself on knowing its market and providing the latest information to our landlords and [...]

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    Agents and Landlords told to take Gas Safety more seriously!

    Landlords and Agents could risk imprisonment for not taking gas Safety seriously. A leading trade body says it’s time for the private rental sector to take gas safety more seriously.  This follows a spate of fines for landlords who breached key rules. The Association of Independent Inventory Clerks says that it is obviously only a minority who are offending.  Despite this there has nonetheless been a spike in incidents. A fine of over £11,000 was given to a landlord in [...]

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    A New Room Rental Agency is Born

    The Birth of a new Room Rental Agency in Eastbourne. 01 June 2016 will see the opening of a new room rental agency based in Eastbourne.   The team have put hours of preparation into the office design and setting up ready for a new challenge.  The South Coast has seen a lack of agencies who can competently manage HMOs.  Especially one that is also competent in managing single lets.  GET A ROOM online will be the go to agency on the South Coast.  Landlords can be confident that their [...]

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    Top 10 Tips For Choosing The Right Tenant

    Looking for a tenant, use our Top 10 Tips. 1. Check References References are a vital tool for any landlord – but simply collecting them is not enough.  All too frequently landlords demand references only to let them sit in a drawer unopened.  If you are going to take references, you might as well check them.  A simple phone call to an employer or other referee to verify these is always a good idea.  With social media on the up-rise there are plenty of other ways to do background [...]

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